Describir una Persona – Verbo Ser (to be)

We usually use the verb ‘ser’ (to be) to describe people’s appearance and character.  This verb is a ‘key verb’ which means that it is very important and you need to learn it off by heart.  Always learn verbs in the order shown below (I, you, he/she/you polite, we, you pl., they/they/you polite pl.)

Learn the verb ‘ser’ and then translate the sentences below into Spanish:



1.      I am tall

2.      She is short

3.      We are young

4.      He is good-looking

5.      They are boring

6.      I am stupid

7.      You are funny (sing. friendly)

8.      You are funny (pl. friendly)

9.      We are intelligent

10.  I am thin


Click on the link to check the answers   verb-ser-tanslation-answers


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