Vocabulario – Adjetivos de Carácter (Test – 30/03/09)

Although there are a lot of words in this list, a lot of them are cognates (similar to English words) and are, therefore, easy to remember.  Focus then on the more difficult words.  We will hot-seat on Monday and then test on Tues or Weds!!



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7Y1 Penfriend Letters (and those from 7X2 with penfriends)

Please ensure that you hand in your letters to send to Spain by Monday at the latest.  I also need a few volunteers to help me with the web-site (i.e. Typing up information for our Spanish friends and loading images).  If you are interested in helping me with this, you must be prepared to meet one lunchtime a week in ML6 (bring your lunch with you).  Please come and see me if you want to help!!

Your letters should contain the following information:

  • A description of you school (name, location, description)
  • Which subjects you learn (aprendo = I learn)
  • Which subjects you like and dislike
  • Some teachers that you like and dislike
  • A description of one or more of your teachers

Don’t forget to answer the questions that your penfriends asked you!

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Vocabulario – Opiniones (Opinions)


Me encanta(n)                  – I love
Me gusta(n) mucho      – I like a lot
Me gusta(n)                        – I like
Me gusta(n) bastante  – I quite like
No me gusta(n)                – I don’t like
No me gusta(n) nada   – I don’t like at all
odio                                          – I hate
detesto                                   – I hate

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Deberes – Escribir (Writing Homework – for 23/03/09)

Re-write the text below, but this time giving the opposite opinions to the ones written.


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Me Gusta(n) / No me gusta(n) – I like it/them / I don’t like it/them

If we are saying we like or dislike one thing we use:

me gusta / no me gusta

If we are saying we like or dislike more than one thing, we use:

me gustan / no me gustan

Some school subjects like ‘maths’ and ‘science’ are plural in Spanish (las matematicas / las ciencias), therefore we have to me gustan with those nouns.

Look at the table below and make sentences giving your opinion for each subject:


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Vocabulario – Las Asignaturas (School Subjects) – Test 16/03/09


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