Verbos – Comer (to eat), Beber (to drink) y Tomar (to have food or drinks)

Comer – to eat
yo como                                                  –  I eat
tú comes                                                 – you eat
él / ella / usted come                         – he / she / you (polite) eats
nosotros comemos                             – we eat
vosotros coméis                                   – you (plural) eat
ellos / ellas / ustedes comen          – they / you (polite plural) eat

Beber – to drink
yo bebo                                                    –  I drink
tú bebes                                                   – you drink
él / ella / usted bebe                          – he / she / you (polite) drinks
nosotros bebemos                              – we drink
vosotros bebéis                                    – you (plural) drink
ellos / ellas / ustedes beben           – they / you (polite plural) drink

Tomar – to have (food or drink)
yo tomo                                                    –  I have
tú tomas                                                   – you have
él / ella / usted toma                          – he / she / you (polite) has
nosotros tomamos                              – we have
vosotros tomáis                                    – you (plural) have
ellos / ellas / ustedes toman           – they / you (polite plural) have

*Remember ‘tomar’ only means ‘to have’ when you say you have something to eat or drink, otherwise you need to use the verb ‘tener’.*


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