Classroom Language

Click on the links below to learn useful phrases to use in class.  Remember that I give lots of merits to those students who speak to me in Spanish rather than English!!!         – espanol /Caminos 1 Unidad 1 / exercises 1, 7 & 8          – Core / Use Spanish in class         – beginner / hola / en la clase & en mi estuche

You should already have the password for Linguascope, please remind me to give you the Espanol-extra password in the next lesson!

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Cognados – Cognates

‘Cognados’ are called cognates in English.  A cognate is a word that looks and/or sounds similar to English, and means the same.  Because both Spanish is a Latin-based language and some of the English language derives from Latin too, there are lots of cognates.  This is really useful when learning Spanish as it allows us to figure out the meanings of words.  Below are some examples of Spanish cognates:


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