Verbo Tener (Verb to Have)

The verb ‘tener’ is a key verb.  It is also necessary to be able to talk about your family.  Always learn verbs in the same order – I, you, he / she / you (formal), we, you (pl), they / they / you (formal pl).  Try chanting it to a rhythm or singing it in time with a tune!

yo tengo – I have
tú tienes – you have
él tiene – he has
ella tiene – she has
usted tiene – you have (polite)

nosotros tenemos – we have
vosotros tenéis – you have (pl)
ellos tienen – they have (masc or mixed)
ellas tienen – they have (fem)
ustedes tienen – you have (polite pl)


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¿Tienes hermanos? – Do you have brothers or sisters?

Q:  ¿Tienes hermanos?   – Do you have brothers or sisters?
A:  Tengo un hermano    – I have a brother
A:  Tengo una hermano  – I have a sister
A:  No tengo hermanos    – I don’t have any brothers or sisters

*Note that you use ‘un’ for the masculine word and ‘una’ for the feminine word.
*  Hermanos = brothers or brothers and sisters.    Hermanas = sisters.
*To make the sentence negative simply add ‘no’ before the verb.
Now Look at the prompts below and write a sentence for each saying how many brothers and sisters you have.
Now click on the thumbnail below to check your answers.

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Deberes: Describir una Familia (Describing a family) – para el 21 de enero (for 21st Jan)

La Familia Real (The Royal Family)


In Spanish you cannot say Jaime is Felipe‘s dad.   The apostrophe ‘s’ does not exist in Spanish.  Instead we have to say Felipe is the father of  Jaime.  Look at the example sentences below and then write 5 similar sentences describing the Spanish Royal Family.

  • Juan Carlos es el abuelo de Pablo.  (Juan Carlos is the grand-father of Pablo / Juan-Carlos is Pablo’s grandfather)
  • Felipe es el esposo de Letizia.  (Felipe is the husband of Letizia / Felipe is Letizia’s husband)
  • Sofía es la hermana de Leonor.  (Sofía is the sister of Leonor / Sofía is Leonor’s sister)

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Deberes – La Familia (Homework – the Family) Due Mon 31st Jan

Using the Spanish Royal Family’s family tree, complete worksheet one below – if you want some extra practise, then have a go at worksheet two:

Worksheet 1


Worksheet 2


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DEBERES: Vocabulario – La Familia (Homework – Family Vocab) para el 12 de enero

Below is a list of vocabulary for family members.   You should learn these words off by heart!


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