DEBERES: Vocabulario – La Familia (Homework – Family Vocab) para el 12 de enero

Below is a list of vocabulary for family members.   You should learn these words off by heart!



January 6, 2011. Tags: , , , . family, homework, vocabulary.


  1. Lydia Wilmott replied:

    Do we have to learn the meanings of the words?

  2. janedriver replied:

    Hola Lydia,

    Yes, you need to learn the meanings and the Spanish spellings of the family vocabulary.

    Sra. D 🙂

  3. Hannah Bird replied:

    My internet isn’t working so I am on a friends so have learnt the ones in our books..but in our books we learnt the spelling of niece and nephew as nieto and nieta but here it is different! Which one is it? 😀

  4. Steven Levett replied:

    On Thursday we were handed a sheet that we filled in with names of different family members. On the sheet we were given niece was nieta and nephew was nieto, but on the blog nephew and niece are different. Which is right?

  5. janedriver replied:

    Hola Stephen,

    The blog is correct:

    nieta = granddaughter nieto = grandson sobrina = niece sobrino = nephew
    Hope this makes it clear!
    Sra D 🙂

  6. janedriver replied:

    Hola Hannah,

    I’m not sure why you have niece and nephew in your books, la nieta = granddaughter el nieto = grandson la sobrina = niece el sobrino = nephew

    Hope this makes it clear!
    Sra D 🙂

  7. TILLY :) replied:

    hang on…. I thought nieto was nephew. Oh. now I’ve learned the wrong ones. :p
    which ones do we learn??????

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