Deberes: Describir una Familia (Describing a family) – para el 21 de enero (for 21st Jan)

La Familia Real (The Royal Family)


In Spanish you cannot say Jaime is Felipe‘s dad.   The apostrophe ‘s’ does not exist in Spanish.  Instead we have to say Felipe is the father of  Jaime.  Look at the example sentences below and then write 5 similar sentences describing the Spanish Royal Family.

  • Juan Carlos es el abuelo de Pablo.  (Juan Carlos is the grand-father of Pablo / Juan-Carlos is Pablo’s grandfather)
  • Felipe es el esposo de Letizia.  (Felipe is the husband of Letizia / Felipe is Letizia’s husband)
  • Sofía es la hermana de Leonor.  (Sofía is the sister of Leonor / Sofía is Leonor’s sister)

January 12, 2011. Tags: , . family.

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