Deberes (homework) – Penfriend Letters

Hello Year 7s,

I’m afraid that I am not in your classes this week as I am on a course on Friday and working with the Peruvians tomorrow.  I have left a little project with the covering teacher and wanted to give you the heads up first!

I have matched you all up with a Spanish penfriend from our link school in Figueres Spain.  Whilst I am not here this week, I would like you all to write your letter of introduction to your new Spanish penfriend.

You should use tomorrow’s lesson (Weds) to write a draft letter in Spanish to your new penfriend.  The letter must be at least 100 words.  You should include the following information:

 – an introduction of yourself (name, age, birthday, what you look like – hair/eyes, where you live, what languages you speak)

 – an introduction of your family (brothers and sisters, pets – ages and descriptions of them)

 – at the end of your letter you should write 3 simple questions in English to your penfriend – remember their English will be about the same level as your Spanish, so don’t make your questions too complicated!

You should prepare a draft of the letter in your exercise book in the next lesson.  If you have finished the letter before the end of the lesson, you can start to write it up neatly on a piece a A4 paper (either lined or there is coloured paper in the MFL photocopy room which you may prefer – just ask the teacher if you can go and get some). 

On Friday, please  bring in a couple of photos or pictures that you would like to attach to your letter and remember that the better your letter is presented and the more effort that you put into your letter, the better the letter that you will receive will be.  Decoration allowed this time!!

Have fun and I will see you all next week!!  🙂


March 15, 2011. homework, writing.

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