Assessments Week Commencing 13th June

As you all know you have end of year assessments coming up, these are very important and you need to ensure that you do some quality, focussed revision before them.   The main topic covered is school and includes:

  • School subjects
  • Opinions of subjects and reasons for your opinions
  • The time
  • Describing your timetable
  • Food and drink
  • What facilities and rooms there are in school
  • Modes of transport

You have all recieved a Parentmail with the revision booklet, I have also added it here so that you can download it and work through it.   Below are also a number of links to websites to help you prepare:

Year 7 Spanish summer revision booklet 2010   Click on this link to download revision booklet – 2. En el instituto (work through all the boxes) / 3. Mi Familia (work through the boxes) – beginner – el transporte / las asignaturas / las frutas / las verduras / los snacks / desayuno / la hora – espanol – caminos 1 – Unidad 5 (nueva edicion) work through the exercises – beginner –  school / time / food and drink / transport

Good luck!!



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Assessments: 15th – 26th November

The weeks 15th – 26th November will be assessment weeks, we will be doing reading, writing, and speaking assessments as well as the Spelling Bee competition in classes.  Below are a list of topics, vocab and links to help you revise for your tests:

General topics to revise are:

  • alphabet
  • introducing yourself – name, age, nationality, where you live, where you are from
  • nationalities
  • countries
  • numbers
  • saying how you are
  • family members

Here are some links to help you: – beginner – el alfabeto / donde yo vivo / las nacionalidades / los paises – elementary – planet 1 – espanol – Caminos Book 1 – Unidad 1 – 4

Speaking Assessment

In your speaking assessment you will work with another student asking and answering questions in Spanish.  Below shows you what you may be asked or have to answer in Spanish.  Go back through your exercise and vocab books and find the relevant Spanish and memorise it.

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Exam Revision Links

The two main topics for the upcoming exams are Family and School.  I have made a list of web-site links and exercises that you can use to do your revision (see below).  Please also remember to go back through your exercise books and vocabulary books and revise what you we have done throughout the year.  We will start with the reading and listening exams first, then the writing and speaking.  Remember PREPARATION IS KEY – Good luck!! – beginner Spanish – work through the following topics:

los paises
las nacionalidades
las asignaturas
en mi estuche
en la clase
los colores
la hora
los numeros – work through the following topics:

alphabet and spelling
days and months
family and pets
where you live – Espanol – Work through the following Units:

Caminos 1:

Unidad 1 – greetings / numbers / days of the week
Unidad 2 – months / numbers / classroom objects
Unidad 3 – family / numbers / pets
Unidad 4 – Where you live
Unidad 4 (nueva edicion) – describing people
Unidad 5 (nueva edicion) – school / time
Unidad 6 – adjectives (descriptions)
Unidad 6 (nueva edicion) – where you live
Unidad 9 – the time

I hope that this all helps you to do some really good revision!!

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Examen Oral – Speaking Test

Your speaking exam will last for a maximum of one and a half minutes.  You can prepare a presentation of up to 45 seconds covering the topics shown below about your family and school, I will then ask you questions about a Spanish school (using the prompts) for another 45 seconds. 

Remember it is quality not quantity that counts.  You need to show me that you know a variety of vocabulary and grammar.  To gain a level 4 you need to use verbs in the ‘yo’ (I) form and other forms such as ‘el’ (he) or ‘ella’ (she), you also need to give opinions (me gusta, me encanta, odio, detesto, etc..) and you need to link your sentences together with conjunctions (y, pero, porque, tambien, etc….).  If you want to gain a level 5, you need to use the future tense (voy a + infinitive).

speaking assessment

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Examenes del 11 al 22 de enero (Exams 11th – 22nd January)

Welcome back after the Christmas holidays.  Unfortunately it is straight back into things with the exams starting next week.  Remember that you MUST revise adequately for these exams so that you get put into the correct teaching group at the end of January.

Here is the sheet that will be used for the oral exam.  You have all written sample questions and answers in your exercise books and need to know them off by heart.  You will not be able to take any notes with you into the exam. 

I will ask you 4 of the questions in Spanish, which you will answer in Spanish.  Then I will point to the remaining questions and you must ask me the question in Spanish, which I will then answer. 

To get the best possible mark, you should speak accurately in full sentences paying attention to your pronunciation.

Some of these questions will come up in your written exam as well, so make sure that you not only know how to say them, but how to write them accurately too!

Other topics to revise are:

Countries, nationalities, languages, Family, Pets, Personal information

Verbs – tener, estar, ser, vivir, hablar

Here are some web-sites to use to revise:   – elementary – Galaxy 1, 2 & 3 – beginner – los animales, los paises, las nacionalidades, numeros, el alfabeto  – Caminos 1, Unidades 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Grammar – ser / estar, ser – Core – alphabet & spelling, numbers, countries, questions and answers.

Espanol-extra and Linguascope are both password protected, you should have written the passwords in your homework diaries, if not, come and see me on Monday and I will tell you them.

Happy revising and GOOD LUCK!


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