Descripciones – Descriptions – Due Mon 14th March

Use the key words worksheet below to desribe the pictures.  Do not use a dictionary for this, try to stick to the words and the structures on the worksheet or that you know from previous lessons:


1. picture22.picture-1

3. picture3a          4.picture4a1


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Formas y Colores (Shapes and Colours)

Colores – Colours

rojo          – red
azul          – blue
amarillo – yellow
negro       – black
rosa          – pink
naranja   – orange
verde       – green
marrón   – brown
violeta    – purple
blanco     – white
claro        – light
oscuro    – dark

Formas – Shapes


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Exam Revision Links

The two main topics for the upcoming exams are Family and School.  I have made a list of web-site links and exercises that you can use to do your revision (see below).  Please also remember to go back through your exercise books and vocabulary books and revise what you we have done throughout the year.  We will start with the reading and listening exams first, then the writing and speaking.  Remember PREPARATION IS KEY – Good luck!! – beginner Spanish – work through the following topics:

los paises
las nacionalidades
las asignaturas
en mi estuche
en la clase
los colores
la hora
los numeros – work through the following topics:

alphabet and spelling
days and months
family and pets
where you live – Espanol – Work through the following Units:

Caminos 1:

Unidad 1 – greetings / numbers / days of the week
Unidad 2 – months / numbers / classroom objects
Unidad 3 – family / numbers / pets
Unidad 4 – Where you live
Unidad 4 (nueva edicion) – describing people
Unidad 5 (nueva edicion) – school / time
Unidad 6 – adjectives (descriptions)
Unidad 6 (nueva edicion) – where you live
Unidad 9 – the time

I hope that this all helps you to do some really good revision!!

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Los Ojos y el Pelo (Eyes and Hair) – Vocabulario (Test on 22/02/10)





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Vocabulario – Adjetivos de Carácter (Test – 30/03/09)

Although there are a lot of words in this list, a lot of them are cognates (similar to English words) and are, therefore, easy to remember.  Focus then on the more difficult words.  We will hot-seat on Monday and then test on Tues or Weds!!


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Describir una Persona – Verbo Ser (to be)

We usually use the verb ‘ser’ (to be) to describe people’s appearance and character.  This verb is a ‘key verb’ which means that it is very important and you need to learn it off by heart.  Always learn verbs in the order shown below (I, you, he/she/you polite, we, you pl., they/they/you polite pl.)

Learn the verb ‘ser’ and then translate the sentences below into Spanish:



1.      I am tall

2.      She is short

3.      We are young

4.      He is good-looking

5.      They are boring

6.      I am stupid

7.      You are funny (sing. friendly)

8.      You are funny (pl. friendly)

9.      We are intelligent

10.  I am thin


Click on the link to check the answers   verb-ser-tanslation-answers


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Homework: Describir una Persona – Adjetivos (Test Monday 2nd March)


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Describir una Persona (7y1 – homework – due 23 Feb 09)

You are going to prepare some short presentations describing Comberton Spanish teachers to send to our partner school in Figueres.  Look at the pictures of the three teachers.  Your homework is in 2 parts:

Part 1 – write a short description of each teacher (in Spanish).

Part 2 – write a minimum of 4 questions to ask each teacher to find out more about them (in Spanish).

sl271085     aga        

       Señora Piggott                           Señora Barcz-Morgan                                meSeñora Driver





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