Spelling Bee Competition!!

There will be National Foreign Language Spelling Bee which runs throughout the year culminating in a national championship in July.  Click on the powerpoint below to get the competition details and to download the first 50 words that should be learned for the class competitions just before Christmas.  Year 8 students will be available in 150 one lunchtime a week to test you and help you practise and learn the words!

spelling bee powerpoint for students

Here is a reminder of how to pronounce the letters in spanish, you can also find this in your vocabulary books on page 19.



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Deberes – La Memoria Para martes, 17 de noviembre

memory 2 learning sentences

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Spanish Spelling Bee – UPDATE!

Please feel free to come along to the Spanish Spelling Bee practice on Friday lunchtimes in ML7.  You are welcome to bring your lunch and eat there.

spelling bee poster

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Deberes – Vocabulario (para 8 de octubre)

Read the sheet below and then learn the vocabulary for the next lesson.  Remember to only work for 10 minutes at a time and to focus really hard on learning the words.  Cover one language and test yourself until you get them all correct.  Test each other in form time or get your parents to test you at home.

memory1 homework sheet

memory 1 homework sheet 2

vocab memory

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Cognados – Cognates

‘Cognados’ are called cognates in English.  A cognate is a word that looks and/or sounds similar to English, and means the same.  Because both Spanish is a Latin-based language and some of the English language derives from Latin too, there are lots of cognates.  This is really useful when learning Spanish as it allows us to figure out the meanings of words.  Below are some examples of Spanish cognates:


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