¿Tienes hermanos? – Do you have brothers or sisters?

Q:  ¿Tienes hermanos?   – Do you have brothers or sisters?
A:  Tengo un hermano    – I have a brother
A:  Tengo una hermano  – I have a sister
A:  No tengo hermanos    – I don’t have any brothers or sisters

*Note that you use ‘un’ for the masculine word and ‘una’ for the feminine word.
*  Hermanos = brothers or brothers and sisters.    Hermanas = sisters.
*To make the sentence negative simply add ‘no’ before the verb.
Now Look at the prompts below and write a sentence for each saying how many brothers and sisters you have.
Now click on the thumbnail below to check your answers.

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Deberes: Describir una Familia (Describing a family) – para el 21 de enero (for 21st Jan)

La Familia Real (The Royal Family)


In Spanish you cannot say Jaime is Felipe‘s dad.   The apostrophe ‘s’ does not exist in Spanish.  Instead we have to say Felipe is the father of  Jaime.  Look at the example sentences below and then write 5 similar sentences describing the Spanish Royal Family.

  • Juan Carlos es el abuelo de Pablo.  (Juan Carlos is the grand-father of Pablo / Juan-Carlos is Pablo’s grandfather)
  • Felipe es el esposo de Letizia.  (Felipe is the husband of Letizia / Felipe is Letizia’s husband)
  • Sofía es la hermana de Leonor.  (Sofía is the sister of Leonor / Sofía is Leonor’s sister)

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Deberes – La Familia (Homework – the Family) Due Mon 31st Jan

Using the Spanish Royal Family’s family tree, complete worksheet one below – if you want some extra practise, then have a go at worksheet two:

Worksheet 1


Worksheet 2


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DEBERES: Vocabulario – La Familia (Homework – Family Vocab) para el 12 de enero

Below is a list of vocabulary for family members.   You should learn these words off by heart!


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Assessments: 15th – 26th November

The weeks 15th – 26th November will be assessment weeks, we will be doing reading, writing, and speaking assessments as well as the Spelling Bee competition in classes.  Below are a list of topics, vocab and links to help you revise for your tests:

General topics to revise are:

  • alphabet
  • introducing yourself – name, age, nationality, where you live, where you are from
  • nationalities
  • countries
  • numbers
  • saying how you are
  • family members

Here are some links to help you:

www.linguascope.com – beginner – el alfabeto / donde yo vivo / las nacionalidades / los paises

www.linguascope.com – elementary – planet 1

www.languagesonline.org.uk – espanol – Caminos Book 1 – Unidad 1 – 4

Speaking Assessment

In your speaking assessment you will work with another student asking and answering questions in Spanish.  Below shows you what you may be asked or have to answer in Spanish.  Go back through your exercise and vocab books and find the relevant Spanish and memorise it.

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Deberes para el 5 de noviembre

Homework over half term is to learn your spelling bee words (see previous post) and to memorize the verb ‘ser’ (to be):

I am                            we are

you are                     you are (pl)

he/she is                  they are
you are (pol)          you are (pol pl)

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Spelling Bee Competition!!

There will be National Foreign Language Spelling Bee which runs throughout the year culminating in a national championship in July.  Click on the powerpoint below to get the competition details and to download the first 50 words that should be learned for the class competitions just before Christmas.  Year 8 students will be available in 150 one lunchtime a week to test you and help you practise and learn the words!

spelling bee powerpoint for students

Here is a reminder of how to pronounce the letters in spanish, you can also find this in your vocabulary books on page 19.


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Deberes (homework) – para viernes 1 de octubre

Learn the following vocabulary (it is also in your excercise books) for a test on Friday:

es verdad – its correct

es mentira – its false

tengo una idea – I have an idea

he olvidado – I have forgotten

tengo un problema – I have a problem

es estupendo – it fantastic

es fatal – its terrible

¿Cómo se dice en español? – How do you say it in Spanish?

¿Puedo hablar en inglés? – Can I speak in English?

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Spanglovision Songs – You Tube Links

Tu seras para mi (7M) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ULZ5KgrmrU

Noches de amor (7N) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZUU3F_mdzo

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Spanglovision music

Down load the file below  – it is a powerpoint file, so put it onto slideshow mode and then click for your song!  Both songs are on the powerpoint – tu seras para mi and noches de amor!

Click to hear – Tu seras para mi

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