Vocabulario – Opiniones (Opinions)


Me encanta(n)                  – I love
Me gusta(n) mucho      – I like a lot
Me gusta(n)                        – I like
Me gusta(n) bastante  – I quite like
No me gusta(n)                – I don’t like
No me gusta(n) nada   – I don’t like at all
odio                                          – I hate
detesto                                   – I hate


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Me Gusta(n) / No me gusta(n) – I like it/them / I don’t like it/them

If we are saying we like or dislike one thing we use:

me gusta / no me gusta

If we are saying we like or dislike more than one thing, we use:

me gustan / no me gustan

Some school subjects like ‘maths’ and ‘science’ are plural in Spanish (las matematicas / las ciencias), therefore we have to me gustan with those nouns.

Look at the table below and make sentences giving your opinion for each subject:


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